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Have You Renewed your Membership or Made a Donation to Help Stop Abortion! When the new administration took office they said their first priority was to pass a law that will remove all restrictions on abortion. By doing this on the federal level, the would remove all restrictions on abortion and the Federal government would now be in control of the abortion issue.  All Hospitals would be required to close or lose funding if they did not perform abortions, Tax payers would once again be required to fund abortions.  Some Churches are now joining us in this effort and we wish they had informed their members of this before the last  election as this effort has become necessary only because of the election of Barak Obama. The Pro-Life Movement had warned voters and churches before the election this could happen and now some churches suddenly realized their silence or lack of action on this matter has led to this emergency.
What can we do to prevent this from happening?
Contact your Federal elected officials (Senators and Congressman) and asked them to vote against all Abortion related bills. This will mean no choice for the children that will be killed by abortion.