Adoption Family 2016

The Adoption Emersyn Nicole Smith

The Right to Life Adoptive Child for 2016 is Emersyn Smith, daughter of Phil and Amber Smith of Loogootee. Emersyn was born on June 7 of 2014. The Smiths also have a son Jaxon. Below is the account of how this amazing story told by Amber Smith on how cancer almost took the life of the child Amber was carrying and then tells how after the successful delivery of Jaxon and having future children was not possible they turned to adoption. Here is her story.

Our lives changed forever on Easter Sunday of 2010. I found out that after over four years of trying to conceive, I was pregnant with our first child. Our prayers had been answered. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be one of the happiest times of our lives became one of the scariest.At 12 weeks pregnant after a routine early pregnancy appointment and several tests and a biopsy, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.I was immediately sent to IU Medical Center where I had a mastectomy with lymph node removal and was told I had Stage II, ER/PR positive breast cancer.

What I didn’t know at the time was that I was lucky to have been sent to IU to Dr. Brian Schneider because in other parts of the country women were being told they had to terminate their pregnancy in order to receive treatment. Dr. Schneider assured us he could treat me and keep my baby safe.After trusting my doctors and receiving 8 rounds of intense chemotherapy, In November I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy. God once again answered our prayers and proved His love can get you through some of the darkest times.

The support of family, friends, and strangers was truly unbelievable.After 4 more rounds of chemotherapy, 35 rounds of radiation, and several more surgeries, I was told that becoming pregnant with another child would be very dangerous and would be impossible for at least another 10 years because of the medicine I would have to continue to take.We were sad to hear this news, but I knew in my heart that God had other plans for our family.

My mother had a dream when I was pregnant with Jaxon that I was going to have a baby girl with dark hair.We giggled when Jaxon was a little boy with very little hair but she always told me she felt the baby in her dream was mine. Little did I know her dream was going to become a reality. After several years of enjoying our son, praying, soul searching, and getting my strength back, we decided to attend a seminar at The Adoption Support Center in Indianapolis. We loved the feeling we got there and liked that the organization seemed to care deeply for the birth parents and honored their selfless decision. At this center the birth mother/parents were the ones that chose you to raise and love their child. After the paperwork, home study, and interviews were completed our family was considered an “active” couple with ASC.

About 18 months later we were told we were chosen by a mother but after a lot of praying we decided this situation was not the best fit for our family. Just as we were about to feel discouraged we were presented with a situation that we were told was a risky one but that the birth mom had chosen us and wanted to meet us ASAP because she was due with her child just 3 months later. Once again, God provided the feeling of peace that even though others had doubts, we needed to meet this birth mom. ASC set up a meeting for us in the birth mother’s hometown.

The second Nicole and I met we felt a connection that is hard to explain. We hit it off right away and both of us knew that she was carrying our baby. After a few months of communication we got the call that Nicole was going into labor and that we needed to head to the hospital. After a tense several hour drive we arrived and checked on Nicole.

She wanted me to be in the room for the birth and wanted us to be able to cuddle and love on the baby as soon as possible. Nicole’s strength and grace was absolutely amazing. I was literally in awe of the love she had for this child she knew she couldn’t raise. When our baby girl, with lots of dark hair, was born we were once again shaken to the core by God’s unbelievable love for us. I knew the moment I laid eyes on Emersyn will always know of the kind, loving woman who gave her life. My husband and I, as well as our family, will forever be connected to this special woman because on June 7, 2014 our family was complete.