2011 Daviess County Right To Life Banquet

Melissa Ohden, Main Speaker for 2011 RTL Banquet

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Shown here is Melissa Ohden a survivor of a saline abortion as She told her story at the Right To Life Banquet held on Thursday night Oct. 13 at the Simon J. Graber Building. Ohden spoke of how she is one of just two people who have survived this type of abortion. Why she did survive may have been divine intervention as she later learned that a Catholic Priest was praying outside of the hospital where the abortion was being performed. She later learned this at a speaking engagement many years later as she ran into that priest and he related how he was there that day praying outside that hospital. There was no medical reason why she survived this type abortion. The crowd in attendance listened intently as Melissa Ohden related her story and how she was later adopted and did try to find her biological parents. Ohden is now married and has a daughter and announced that she is expecting her second child. Over 600 people attended this annual event held annually by the local Right to Life Groups of Daviess, Martin and Pike Counties.

Adoptive Child at Right To Life Banquet

2010 Adoptive Child

Right To Life Honors Eaton Family as Adoptive Family. Shown above is the Taj and Tonya Eaton Family at the Right To Life Banquet. Left is Grazzin Timothy Eaton, who was the adoptive child at this year's Banquet, next to him is Taj Eaton, Grazzin's Father holding son Wyatt, then Grazzin's Mom Tonya and in front is Mai and Kaci. Grazzin was selected as this year's adoptive child for the Banquet and his picture appeared on the cover of the Banquet Book. Grazzin was born while his biological mother was in prison and Tonya was a caregiver for Grazzin. Years later after the mother was released from prison She asked if Tonya and her Husband Tonya could adopt Grazzin as it was more than she could handle. The Eaton's did adopt Grazzin in October of 2005 and it seems to have been a real blessing to both Grazzin and his new Family.

Pro-Life Award Winners for 2011

2010 Pro Life

Bob and Mike Wichman receive Donna Gentry Pro-Life Award. Shown here is Donna Gentry's Son Brad Rainey (left) as he assists in the presentation of the Donna Gentry Pro-Life Awards at the Right To Life Banquet Thursday night. Receiving the awards was Bob Wichman and Mike Wichman and Louis Kavanaugh Jr. (right) President of Daviess County Right To Life. Both Bob and Mike Wichman have worked the Right To Life Paper Drives for many years as well as work at the St. Vincent De Paul Store in Washington and are active in their church and community. Mike Wichman took over as head of the Paper Drives when Mike's Dad Bernie passed away several years ago. The Pro-Life Awards were named in honor of the late Donna Gentry who was active in Right To Life and started the Pregnancy Care Center in Washington.

Banquet Videos

Awards and Recognitions

Main Speaker

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